Changes in nbconvert


5.0 on GitHub

  • Use xelatex by default for latex export, improving unicode and font support.
  • Use entrypoints internally to access Exporters, allowing for packages to declare custom exporters more easily.
  • New ASCIIDoc Exporter.
  • New preprocessor for sanitised html output.
  • New general convert_pandoc filter to reduce the need to hard-code lists of filters in templates.
  • Use pytest, nose dependency to be removed.
  • Refactored Exporter code to avoid ambiguity and cyclic dependencies.
  • Update to traitlets 4.2 API.
  • Fixes for Unicode errors when showing execution errors on Python 2.
  • Default math font matches default Palatino body text font.
  • General documentation improvements. For example, testing, installation, custom exporters.
  • Improved link handling for LaTeX output
  • Refactored the automatic id generation.
  • New kernel_manager_class configuration option for allowing systems to be set up to resolve kernels in different ways.
  • Kernel errors now will be logged for debugging purposes when executing notebooks.


4.3 on GitHub

  • added live widget rendering for html output, nbviewer by extension


4.2 on GitHub

  • Custom Exporters can be provided by external packages, and registered with nbconvert via setuptools entrypoints.
  • allow nbconvert reading from stdin with --stdin option (write into notebook basename)
  • Various ANSI-escape fixes and improvements
  • Various LaTeX/PDF export fixes
  • Various fixes and improvements for executing notebooks with --execute.


4.1 on GitHub

  • setuptools fixes for entrypoints on Windows
  • various fixes for exporters, including slides, latex, and PDF
  • fixes for exceptions met during execution
  • include markdown outputs in markdown/html exports