Dejavu intends to be a tool to facilitate for Jupyter users to generate static outputs from their notebooks, mimicking the behavior of voilà.

Running dejavu#

Dejavu works exactly the same as nbconvert and you can use all command line options that you would with nbconvert. To run a default instance:

jupyter dejavu notebook.ipynb

In case you want to show code in addition to its output use the flag --show-input.

Configuring the Notebook for slides presentations#

In case the user intends to do a slide presentation out of their Jupyter notebook it’s recommended to use the reveal template. In orders to obtain a better result from it’s advised to use the slides metadatas available in the cells:

  • In the notebook, select a cell and click on the “Property Inspector menu”


The “Property Inspector menu” can be located in the right side bar, its symbol contains two gears.

  • Select a cell in the notebook

  • In the Property Inspector menu select the cell’s slide type:

    • Slide

    • Sub-Slide

    • Fragment

    • Skip

    • Notes

  • Repeat the process for all cells